Aesthetic medicine transforms the skin and, like everything, adheres to the trends of the moment. Nevertheless, it is crucial to exercise caution and consistently seek out the finest, innovative, and, most importantly, genuinely effective and safe products.

Exosomes have become increasingly popular and a global trend: they are small extracellular vesicles secreted by eukaryotic cells, capable of transporting a diverse array of molecules ranging from portions of DNA originating from the mother cell to messenger RNA, as well as proteins, amino acids, and bioactive substances. These small vesicles can be isolated from different primary sources, including blood, adipocyte or bone marrow-derived stem cells, as well as extracted from plant tissues. However, regardless of the source, the content is produced by the mother cell and may have minimal or no stimulatory effectiveness.

Regenerative aesthetic medicine focuses on promoting tissue regeneration and rejuvenation by activating specific metabolic biochemical processes. Therefore, it is crucial to possess the right keys to initiate these processes, enabling us to convey a precise message that translates into an anti-aging effect.

At Promoitalia, the focus lies on two primary aspects: passion for beauty and effectiveness. Rather than simply following trends, the company is committed to pioneering them.

This is why it developed V-Tech Serum: an exceptional, innovative, and, above all, safe product with demonstrated effectiveness.

V-Tech Serum, manufactured in Italy, is a “ready to use” solution that contains polynucleotides within a synthetic exosomal structure, enriched with biomimetic peptides and plant stem cells. It is a concentrated formula of highly effective active ingredients that genuinely promote cell regeneration. Polynucleotides represent a portion of

 the cellular genome capable of initiating production processes.

The innovation of this product lies precisely in its synthetic exosomal structure, a groundbreaking technology developed by Promoitalia. This technology enables the encapsulation of substances capable of activating regenerative processes within micro vesicles measuring just 100 nanometers. Through this approach, we can produce exosomes that are not only safe but also exceptionally effective. Our diverse and wide international case studies demonstrate the efficacy of this technology.

V-Tech Serum delivers visible improvements in skin texture after just one session. It enhances the thickness of the extracellular matrix, reduces expression lines, and firms the tissue. Moreover, its vascular-level action enhances oxygenation and tissue perfusion, thereby optimising and stimulating the growth of new cells. Polynucleotides also mitigate the effects of free radicals, protecting cells while increasing hydration in deeper layers, resulting in immediate brightness and firmness.

V-Tech Serum is the perfect product to use on patients, not only to reduce skin aging, but also to increase the speed of tissue reconstruction after invasive interventions such as fractional lasers, ablative treatments, or various depths of peels. Research shows that V-Tech Serum is the ideal primer to combine with any anti-aging procedure, to optimise and enhance results and to reduce the patient's recovery time.

Promoitalia's research intensively continues in its laboratories, designing the future and bringing innovation to life.

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