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Reduce Crows feet with our Aesthetic treatments in Berkshire, before and after shots

Forehead Aesthetic treatments in Berkshire and Wokingham


Botulinum Toxin A

Glabella (in between eyes), forehead, eyes (crow's feet), chin.


Single Area £120.00

Double area £200.00

Complete upper facial treatment – 3 areas £280.00


This treatment is suitable if you grind and clench your teeth. It is also effective for tension and migraines and if you want to improve a square or thick jaw line.


Price on Application


This will give your neck a younger looking appearance.


Price on Application



Gummy Smile

Injecting Botox® into the upper area of the mouth can lower the top lip which will make your gums less prominent.


Price on Application

Bunny Lines

Botox® can be used to reduce the fine wrinkles that appear when you laugh, smile and scrunch your nose.





Cheek dermal fillers in Berkshire and Wokingham

Lip dermal fillers in Berkshire and Wokingham

Chin dermal Fillers in Berkshire and Wokingham

Nose Dermal Fillers in Berkshire and Wokingham

Facial Dermal Fillers in Berkshire and Wokingham


Juvederm Ultra®
Juvederm Voluma®
Juvederm Volift®

Lip Enhancement & Contouring


0.5ml only £185.00

Per 1 ml £280.00

Lip Enhancement

Give your lips a fuller and plumper look with lip augmentation dermal fillers.



Price on Application

Marionette Lines

Dermal fillers can be used to improve the wrinkles that appear from the corners of the lip to the chin.


Price on Application

Nasolabial Lines

Dermal fillers can also improve the lines that form from the nose to the corners of the mouth.


Price on Application

Smokers Lines

Achieve smoother and younger looking skin.


Price on Application



Reduce the prominence of your chin so it is in line with your lower jaw.


Price on Application


Cheek Augmentation

Dermal fillers can be injected into the face to create defined and sculpted cheeks.


Price on Application




Aesthetic Treatments in Berkshire and Wokingham

Kenalog Hayfever Injections


Although most people only experience mild hay fever symptoms, the allergy can be debilitating for some – especially those who haven't responded to the treatments on offer over the counter or from an NHS GP.

A fast and easy treatment, the injection of a steroid is proven to be an effective hay fever prevention method for many people. The drug administered is completely safe and approved for use in the UK (the treatment was available from the NHS in the past and is routinely administered in other countries)

Steroid hay fever treatment does not cure hay fever but the effects usually last the duration of the hay fever season



Single Shot £50

Second Shot £75





Hyperhidrosis treatments in Berkshire and Wokingham



Botulinum Toxin A


Underarms Price on Application

1 x Hand Price on Application

2 x Hand Price on Application

Feet (both) Price on Application






Profhilo Skin Boosters


Single Treatment £275

Two Treatments booked together £475




Minor Surgery

Removal of unwanted skin lesions. Free assessment available and price tailored on an individual case basis

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